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Honeywell Microswitch 1NT1-2 Toggle Switch - Off/On




This item is NOT eligible for returns or cancellations
Part Number: MA38416

  • Can Substitute Part No 24055.
  • 24055 is the exact same switch but has three terminals on the back. Simply do not use the 3rd terminal if replacing MA-38416 with 24055.

Components list for MC-40000-41:
- Qty 1 Multi Switch Handle: MC-39741
- Qty 1 Multi Switch Face Plate: MB-39739
- Qty 1 Twelve Wire Cable 18 GA. - 20ft: HH-01244-012
- Qty 1 Face Plate Gasket: MB-39740
- Qty 1 Reducer 3/4-1/2 NPT Black: HH-01185-005
- Qty 1 Stainless Steel Screw #6-3/4in Long: HH-00455-007
- Qty 3 Micro Toggle Switch: MA-38416
- Qty 3 Micro Switch: MA-26602
- Qty 6 Rubber Boot - Switch: MM-26603
- Qty 1 Male Plug: MA-39997
- Qty 1 Cover Plug Mount: MA-39999
- Qty 1 Flex Cord Grip 1/2 NPT Black: HH-01224-012
- Qty 1 Eyelet, 18 GA. 6 Stud: HH-00803-001
- Qty 1 Reducer Bushing: HH-01245-013
- Qty 1 Flex Cord Grip: HH-01246-030

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