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AAA S030L Electric Over Air Valve 3/8in Single Solenoid




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Part Number: S030L

- 120V Coil = 147534
- Repair Kit = 145600 or AAA Part Number ERKV3
- Adjustable Exhaust Mufflers = 145800
- 4 Way
- Two Position
- Coil/Cartidge Assembly - AY38L11
Electric Over Air Valve 3/8in Single Solenoid

Product DescriptionSingle solenoid, 2-position, spring return. Spool returns to original position when solenoid is de-energized. This operatorstyle will operate reliably on line pressures from 160 PSI down to 50 PSI. If the line pressure is 160 PSI to 250 PSI or less than 50 PSI to 28in Hg, then the solenoid operator must be configured to use an External Pilot source.
Product Specifications

Single Solenoid
2 position Spring Return
Port Size 3/8" NPTF
50 PSI Minimum
160 Max PSI
120 Volts AC

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