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Bray 921280-11300532 Actuator - S92/128 Double Acting




This part ships free on orders over $150.00 (online orders only)
Part Number: 92128011300532

* Bray Part Number 921280-11305532 or 92-1280 pneumatic actuator can be used with a 10 inch valve if you include an adapter part number 9000E0-22600536. Using the Bray 92-128 actuator with a 10 inch valve is not necessary if the valve has an undercut disk. Bray recommends using the undercut disks on cement silo applications in order to prolong the life of the seat and to put less stress on the actuator. Undercut disks reduce the friction on the valves seat.

* The 92-128 Bray actuator replaces the 92-127. Bray engineers upgraded the piston design. Nothing changed from the 92-1270 valves to the 92-1280 valves regarding form fit or function.

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