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BWP M-1986 Unitized Trailer Axle Spindle Nut - M-1984, M-1974, M-1972 | M1986
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BWP M-1986 Unitized Trailer Axle Spindle Nut - M-1984, M-1974, M-1972




Part Number: M1986

- Axle Type: Trailer Axle
- Thread: 2-5/8in-16
- W.A.F.: 3.750in-8
- Thickness: 1.015in
- Tool Socket: 3 3/4? - 8 point (# M1925)
- Thread Size: 2 5/8? - 16
- Outer Bearing Part No.: HM212049/HM212011

Dana Spicer Trailer Axles: D-20, D-21, D22, DD-21, DD-22, K-21, K-22, K-25, K-30
Eaton Trailer Axles: C, C2, CD, CD2, CE, ESA-225J, EST, EST-225J, EST-230J, ETA 230C, ETA 225D, ETA 225J, H23L, H25R, HCE, HJ, HJE, J, JE, JH, LA-15, T-18 C, 20L-77, 22L, 22R, 23L, 23R, 25R
Hendrickson Trailer Axles: HN
Ingersoll Trailer Axles: A22T
Meritor Trailer Axles: RL Series, RQ Series, TK Series, TKL Series, TKLD Series, TL Series, TLD Series, TN Series, TND Series, TQ Series, TQC Series, TQD Series
Standard Forge Trailer Axles: A25, A26, 17,000lb and 18,000lb Trade
Meritor Drive Axles: F Series, H Series

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